SMPP Text Platform

Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol service for sending SMS to the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

Why use SMPP to connect to Text Platform?

You can use our SMPP service to send and receive SMS MT (mobile terminated) & SMS MO (Mobile Originated) from the Text Platform.

If you already have an SMPP implementation within your Application architecture, our SMPP Text Platform connection allows you to avoid re-implementing the sending of messages through the API.
The SMPP Text Platform service supports SMPP v3.3, v3.4 or v5.  And if you require a secure the link between the ESME and the MC, SMPP over TLS or SMPP, we can supply a VPN at an additional cost.

How to configure your SMPP Connection?

The following details are specific to the use of SMPP with the SMPP Text Platform Service.  Please be aware your account may be configured differently from the defaults shown below. As a result, please check your  SMPP Account Details issued by Text Platform.

1. How to get your SMPP logins?

Contact our team by phone at + 44 161 660 2492 or by email at [email protected]. Your account manager will configure your custom SMPP access and send you your login. You can then start sending SMS to the United Kingdom and Worldwide using our SMPP service.

2. SMPP Account Details

Please use the SMPP account details sent to you by support@text-platform.  You will receive a System ID, Password, Hostnames and Ports for your account.  Along with all the additional information you will require to use our SMPP Text Platform service.

3. Hosts

You will be supplied with your account Hostnames within your  SMPP Account details email.  Below is the list of available hosts with the SMPP Text Platform Service.

London, United Kingdom
Frankfurt, Germany
North Virginia, USA
São Paulo , Brazil
Sydney, Australia

4. Ports

Non-TLS connections can be made using the following port. We recommend the use of SMPP over TLS to secure sessions between appliciations and our access node hosts.

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