Bulk SMS Marketing Solution for Crossleys Cars Halifax

Crossley’s is one of Halifax’s longest established and best-known private hire taxi companies. For over 30 years Crossley’s has operated a fleet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The front door has never closed, and the phone lines have never been unmanned. When you phone for a Taxi the booking details are dispatched automatically to the nearest vehicle to you for faster service. They have been an M2M Customer for many years and we have seen the dedication of the company which has resulted in their growth to become the towns biggest company.

Rukhsana Siddique, director of Crossleys PH said, “We were launching our mobile app and had to get this out to our customers and wasn’t sure how to do this? We had a call with Richard to explain the benefits of using M2M Bulk SMS as opposed to a standard sim card text campaign through Ghost. To be honest, at the beginning we weren’t sure if this was the right way to go but after discussion in detail about what we required it soon fell into place.”

“Richard’s advice wasn’t to do a mass campaign but a selective one which allowed us to target specific customers who hadn’t used us within a certain time frame, we provided apps links and offer codes, we discussed dates and times to go out and left the rest to M2M” “The cost of the campaign was a fraction of what we used to spend on printing flyers and having them delivered, we got the message to our customer base and the downloads started to come in, through this our app bookings are up considerably from last month and we will continue to use this tool”

CEO & Founder of M2M Bulk SMS, Richard Clayton said, “it’s always a pleasure working with Crossleys, they are always looking to use technology to improve their business and ultimately the customer experience which results in more business. They were more than happy with the results, even more, surprised it went so well. We know how powerful this.

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